Our focus & theme for this consecration and for this year is that that we will be Spirit-led Disciples! The attached document outlines the guidelines for our beginning of the year consecration. Let us corporately draw near unto the Lord with great expectation in this new year! 
In this session we delve deeper into the important subject of, “Processing Times When Nothing Seems to Happen in Healing Ministry.”
We will discuss the price that Jesus paid to purchase our complete wholeness: body, soul, and spirit. This session emphasizes the sacrifice of Jesus, which ultimately points to the intensity with which God desires for us to be whole. By studying the price Jesus paid, we can capture a glimpse of the heart of God for humanity. We see a God who fully met the demand of sin, which is death (Rom 6:23), and this also addressed the results of sin (sickness, oppression, fear, depression, lack, etc.). JESUS paid a high price for our salvation, and it is our responsibility to receive & minister every benefit that the Cross offers!  
In this session, we will be diving once again into important truth of God’s will to heal. This is can be a difficult topic, especially since it can be so emotionally charged for some people. However, unless we see that God is equally as eager to heal as He is to forgive, all the future sessions will be incredibly difficult to navigate. The main theme of this session, is that when you see JESUS, you see the Father, He is the image of the invisible God. (John 14:9, Col 1:15) JESUS is the Father perfectly revealed or manifested in the flesh, and He healed all. (Isa 9:6, I Tim 3:16, Matt 12:15)
Rev 2:7 states He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churchesThe three gifts of utterance are “prophecy, . . . different kinds of tongues, . . . [and] the interpretation of tongues” (I Corinthians 12:10). By these gifts, God anoints people to communicate thoughts from His mind to the church. The Lord daily wants to speak to us, let us collectively Know & Flow in the gifts of utterance so that the hearers may benefit from the glorious voice of JESUS Christ. 
I Cor 4:20 states “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.”The Gifts of Power include the Faith, Gifts of Healings, and the Working of Miracles. These gifts reflect the hand and power of Christ as he operates through us as His vessels. Why aren’t more people experiencing the power of God? Simply because His body is not operating in the authority given, and extending our hand in love. Just as it is our responsibility to share the gospel with people, so that they may be born again. It is equally our responsibility to share the gospel with people so that they may be delivered from sickness, disease, and oppression. The same sacrifice on the cross purchased deliverance for the spirit, soul, & body. Let us collectively “Know & Flow” in the power of God! Blessings in JESUS name!
Phil 2:5 states “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”. The Gifts of revelation include the Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and the discerning of spirits. These gifts reflect the mind of Christ as he imparts knowledge to us. If we only operate in our natural mind we will greatly limited to what we can accomplish for the kingdom of God. We must “Know & Flow” in the mind of Christ. Through these gifts we can conquer and overcome the tactics of the enemy, and fully advance the kingdom of God for the glory of God. Let us be prayerful that the gifts of revelation fully operate and function here at the HOP. Blessings in JESUS name! 
Teaching home bible studies is without question one of the most powerful tools to evangelize and start the discipleship process with someone! Through home bible studies we can empower someone with the Word, build a strong relationship, and usher someone into receiving the New Birth Experience! Grab hold to these truths & tips, and allow the Lord to use you in teaching bible studies!
@ the HOP, the Lord is leading us on a journey on taking a much closer look at his final command in Matt 28:19 in instructing us to Go & Make Disciples. Discipleship is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ. Join us on our journey @ the HOP, where we will be endeavoring to learn more and diligently obey the command to make disciples!
Rom 5:5 states “the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Let us all be filled up with God’s love so that it overflows to the people of God, and the world that we are called to disciple. When we “Know & Flow” in the love of God, then we will properly exercise the spiritual gifts, and they will build up those that we minister to, and bring glory unto the Lord JESUS Christ!
Attached is the answer guide to the document that we have been reviewing at the HOP. Please remember that if you desire to test yourself on the information, you can always go to Resources – Audio Teaching, go to the Fisher of Men teaching and click handout, and you will find the blank handout available there. Be Blessed in Jesus name!
On Wed Feb 22, we will be going into the 2nd session of our discussion on spiritual gifts. This topic focuses on the purpose of the gifts, and the proper way to exercise the gifts. The above document is the handout that will be utilized during the discussion. Enjoy in Jesus name!
During Discipleship training on Wed Feb 8, we launched a new teaching series entitled “Fishers of Men”. Apart of the Discipleship Action work was to complete the Soul Winners Top 12 list by February 15. A soul winners top 12 list, is a list of 12 individuals (family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.) that have not been born again, that you will commit to interceding for, inviting to church, and doing home bible studies with. This list will help to FOCUS your efforts so that you as a fishermen, can be extremely effective in advancing the kingdom of God.
On Wed Jan 25, The HOP will be launching into it’s small groups, kicking off the discussion, with the exciting subject of Spiritual gifts, as outlined in I Cor 12! Our desire is that all of the spiritual gifts will freely flow, and be in operating at the HOP, so it is necessary to spend time learning about all of the gifts so that we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow the Lord to work through us in exercising the gifts. The attached document, is the handout that we will utilize on our first breakout session. Enjoy in Jesus name! 
The attached document was passed out at the most recent Discipleship training service. This is a tool that pastor Rob, gave that helps a person to evaluate their current level of effectiveness in area of life. Please continue to use this tool so that the Lord can be glorified in every area of your life!     
We thank the Lord for bringing us into 2017, and we thank him in advance that the vision HAS come to pass. Let us prepare our hearts as we engage in prayer and consecration, and enforce the victory that the Lord has already given us! If you have any questions concerning the fast please contact Pastor Rob at
I Cor 11:28 states “let every man examine himself” It is critical that we as disciples, take the time to examine, and evaluate ourselves so that we achieve maximum fruitfulness in the Lord. We dont want to carry the same mistakes from 2016 into 2017 so it is crucial, that we reflect and examine ourselves so that we can learn develop and grow. Be blessed by this teaching in Jesus name.
Let’s get excited for our upcoming consecration at the HOP! This will be a glorious time of denying ourselves and drawing nigh unto the Lord. Please utilize the attach resource to help you maximize your fasting experience!
Over the past 7 weeks at the HOP, during Discipleship Training we have covered extensively reason # 1, why it’s God’s will to heal ALL. The attached document is a compilation of all the questions and answers that have been given in the handouts during the services, it also provides additional notes and details on most of the questions. Please utilize this resource as your study guide, and to prepare yourself for the upcoming review session that we will have at the HOP on Wednesday October 12! 
The attached document is the companion to the Sunday school teaching by Pastor Arneda. You don’t want to miss this awesome teaching, as we delve into importance of the covenant relationship that we have with our Lord JESUS Christ. Join us this Sunday Sep 18, 2016 at 10:00am.
If you’ve come this far, that means you remembered to do your Discipleship Training action work, GREAT JOB! Allow this powerful article to bless your soul,as it is a great companion to the teaching on God’s Word as Medicine!
In the upcoming Discipleship Training, we will be discussing reason after reason, and scripture after scripture as to why we are sure its God’s will to HEAL ALL! The attached document goes in depth on reason 1, why it’s God will to Heal, and that is because His Word is MEDICINE! Praise God for His awesome Word!
At our last discipleship training, Pastor Rob emphasized again the importance of remaining fully engaged in every session by taking notes, and asking questions. Also Pastor began teaching again on the subject of it being God’s will to heal ALL! The attached document is the reference guide that was utilized for last two Discipleship Training.
The topic of healing can be the subject of much controversy for some and of great excitement for others. No matter what popular opinion is on topic, at the HOP, we are only concerned with what the Word of God says. The resource above is a somewhat exhaustive list of scriptures that pertain to healing in the Bible!
Receiving the new birth experience is an extremely exciting time in the Lord! Whether you have just been born again of water & spirit or if you have just recommitted yourself to the Lord, you need tools & resources to ensure that you are equipped for the journey ahead, and the spiritual war that you have entered into. Please study the attached resource, and allow it to bless you as you grow, and go higher in the Lord!