Isn’t it a blessing to know that satan cannot force us to do anything. His only weapon is deception. However, when we know the TRUTH, the enemy has no place, no access, & no victory. Be blessed by this powerful teaching by Lady J!
Matt 6:21 states “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Giving isnt a money issue, its a heart issue. Yet, statistically less than 10% of believers tithe, even though they love the Lord. This is simply an opportunity for more teaching on the subject. With more teaching, Faith will rise, and more believers will be excited to sow generously into the kingdom, and position themselves to recieve the harvest  that the Lord has in store! 
We are constantly bombarded with evil tidings, whether through the news, social media, or negative friends & family! Our heart is soil, and if we constantly allow seeds of negativity to be sown in our hearts, then we will reap a harvest of negative, evil things in our life, and not fully walk in the promises of God! Be blessed by this teaching from pastor Rob on overcoming evil tidings!
Teaching home bible studies is without question one of the most powerful tools to evangelize and start the discipleship process with someone! Through home bible studies we can empower someone with the Word, build a strong relationship, and usher someone into receiving the New Birth Experience! Grab hold to these truths & tips, and allow the Lord to use you in teaching bible studies!
@ the HOP, the Lord is leading us on a journey on taking a much closer look at his final command in Matt 28:19 in instructing us to Go & Make Disciples. Discipleship is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ. Join us on our journey @ the HOP, where we will be endeavoring to learn more and diligently obey the command to make disciples!
The topic of healing can be the subject of much controversy for some and of great excitement for others. No matter what popular opinion is on topic, at the HOP, we are only concerned with what the Word of God says. The resource above is a somewhat exhaustive list of scriptures that pertain to healing in the Bible!
Receiving the new birth experience is an extremely exciting time in the Lord! Whether you have just been born again of water & spirit or if you have just recommitted yourself to the Lord, you need tools & resources to ensure that you are equipped for the journey ahead, and the spiritual war that you have entered into. Please study the attached resource, and allow it to bless you as you grow, and go higher in the Lord!