JESUS stated in Matt 23:11 “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” It is every disciple’s responsibility to live a life of service unto the Lord, and to also find an area in the local church where they can serve, and allow the Lord to get the glory out of all the gifts and talents that he has given. The leadership at the HOP is committed to ensuring that every disciple is serving in some capacity, or in some area of ministry, because the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is soon, and there is much work to accomplish. If there is an area of ministry that you would like to serve in that you don’t see below, please contact Pastor Brown.
The men’s ministry at the HOP is focused on building strong disciples of the Lord, through the Word, fellowship & prayer. The men typically meet every Wednesday. Please see the church calendar or contact Min Jomanee Harris for more info.


The women’s ministries at the HOP, is led by Sis Toni & Sis Brown! This ministry is focused on building strong women and servants of God, through the Word, fellowship & prayer. The women typically meet on the 4th Thursday of every month. Please see the church calendar or contact the church office for more info.
When visiting the HOP, you are guaranteed to experience a powerful worship expereince with the Lord. If you are interested in being apart of this dynamic ministry, please contact Min Gabrielle Brown.
Marriage is the first institution created and ordained by God. When marriages are established on Jesus Christ, it brings forth godly children, which in turn advance the kingdom, and become successful citizens in our society. Please contact Pastor Brown & First Lady Brown.
The HOP ministries has some of the most dedicated, and passionate, youth in the world, who are on fire for the Lord! You will certainly be blessed by being involved and connected with youth at the HOP.